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Damage Control

Responding aggressively to business and institutional crises                                       

By any name – crisis communications, reputation management or strategic public relations – these resources should be familiar to business and organization leaders and their legal advisers when crises arise, as they inevitably will.

Bad things happen to good companies and institutions – even when organizational vulnerabilities have been identified and planned for ahead of time. Crises destabilize, demoralize and they sap resources regardless of whose fault they are. Effective crisis management requires decisive action by and cooperation between business and legal leaders to mitigate or prevent permanent organizational damage.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the weathering of such storms is not simply a matter of working from a 100-page crisis playbook or reading a well-written, well-timed apology at a news conference. These approaches can succeed. Very often they do not because few crises are the same, and difficult choices between fighting back aggressively and maintaining a necessary silence must be made, sometimes on a daily basis.

Poorly managed crises threaten the viability of businesses and institutions. Well-managed ones demonstrate that business and legal leaders can effectively collaborate, respond to and address even the most serious challenges they collectively face.

Powers MediaWorks LLC has advised and worked with legal counsel for:

  • A health care company facing a regulatory investigations and civil litigation
  • A former Fortune 100 CEO
  • A president of a major U.S. university
  • Public officials
  • A hospitality company facing a regulatory investigation and civil litigation
  • A school official responding to a campus shooting
  • A former CEO of a multi-billion-dollar business enterprise
  • A major-college athletics coach facing NCAA sanctions
  • A professional football player fighting to clear his name
  • A major-college athletics coach disputing allegations
  • Public safety organizations

Latest News

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  • Fortune / CNNMoney quotes Erin Powers in article about former cyclist and cancer activist Lance Armstrong's public relations challenges.

  • Powers MediaWorks LLC observes milestone that clients have appeared or been featured in 11,000 news reports worldwide since 2000.

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